Weblinks on Barkibu

How Can Users on Barkibu Visit My Website to Learn More About My Practice?

With millions of unique users a month, your website links on Barkibu can really make a difference in your monthly web traffic. There are two ways to incorporate your website links on Barkibu:

1.   Add your website link to your Barkibu profile.
  • An easy way for users and prospective patients who visit your Barkibu profile to learn more about you and your practice.
  • At the moment, this option is available for all Barkibu veterinarians. In the future, this will be for TOP VETs only!
2.  Add your website links to every one of your answers.
  • Adding your web links after every answer you provide on Barkibu is one way you can provide additional resources or supporting info to users who want to learn more.
  • The more answers you provide with links to your website, the easier it will be for users to find you and your practice.
  • **This feature is still not available**

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