How to Ask a Question?

Do you have a question about a health condition of your pet or want to know more about pet nutrition? Ask Barkibu veterinarians and clarify your doubts.

Here's how to pose a question:

  1. Click on "Ask free now!"
  2. Follow the steps and give the vets all the info about your pet: species, breed, age, name, symptoms, etc.
  3. In the box, describe in detail what the problem is.
  4. If you have, add pictures as extra info for vets.
  5. Enter your ZIP code*, we will use it to recommend you the best veterinarians near your location.
  6. Enter your personal data** (name and email), and if you want, a phone number.
  7. Finally, choose the way you want vets to answer: urgent message or free message 

Remember! Be specific and you'll have more chances of getting an answer.

If you need to, you can edit your question and add more info. 

*ZIP code is used to recommend you the best veterinarians near your location.

**Your personal data and phone number will be used to notify you when a vet answers your question. 

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