1. What is Barkibu? 

Barkibu is a platform for online veterinary appointments and advice. Here, professional veterinarians answer pet owners' questions and advise them about health issues. 

We have a saying: Enjoy your pet's health!

   2. How can a vet answer an online question without examining my pet? 

Barkibu does not pretend to replace a physical examination when needed, but instead to raise awareness of the need for going to the vet when your pet's life is in danger. 

In Barkibu, veterinarians give professional advice, they cannot give a diagnosis nor recommend a treatment. This is not possible without seeing your pet. However, there are lots of doubts which can be solved online, and there is always an advice that can save a life: go to the vet!

   3. What is the difference between Barkibu and a pet forum? 

In a pet forum anyone can give you advice, professional or not, but in Barkibu only professional veterinarians solve your doubts.

   4. How do you check that the vets who answer are professionals? 

We check all the veterinarians one by one using their license number. We put special attention in verifying every single vet in Barkibu. When in doubt, we first contact the Licensing Board the vet belongs to. Then, if needed, we contact the veterinarian to check the data. Lastly, if we cannot verify the info, we delete that person from Barkibu. 

We also check their answers.

   5. I'm a veterinarian, what are the benefits of being in Barkibu? 

As a veterinarian, in Barkibu you'll improve your online presence. Rising up on Barkibu ranking means you do the same on Google rankings, increasing your chances of being contacted by people who search “best veterinarian in” or “recommended veterinarians in”. 

In cases where a physical examination is needed, we send the owner the details of one of the clinics or veterinarians working in the same area and collaborating in Barkibu. 

Last, but not least… With your answers you'll help thousands of pet owners who will see your recommendations in the next months.

   6. What you can and cannot recommend as a veterinarian? 

You can give professional advice. You cannot give a diagnosis or recommend an online treatment without exploring the paciente (except it is something that does not need a prescription). 

Answers can give some general guidelines or talk about possible problems related to the symptoms described, so that the owner is aware of the severity.

   7. I created my profile as a veterinarian. How can I start answering questions? 

Access your profile. Once in Barkibu main site, you can check your profile and add or change information when needed. By clicking on Home tab, you can start giving advice filtering the questions by counties, health categories, or species.

   8. How can I delete my profile in Barkibu? 

Contact us and we'll do it for you!

   9. I am a pet owner, how can I pose a question? What info do you need? 

Click on "Ask Now!". Follow the steps and give the vets as much info as you can about your pet: species, breed, age, name, symptoms, etc. Then you can describe in detail what the problem is and, if you want, you can add pictures as extra info. Remember! Be specific and you'll have more chances of getting an answer. 

If it's needed, you can edit your question and add more info.

   10. I've created an question and nobody answered me, why? 

Maybe your question isn't clear enough or it lacks the details, that makes it impossible for vets to answer. Try editing your question, adding a foto and more details, or simply make a new question.

   11. What should I do if my question is urgent? 

If you want a veterinarian to answer you in less than 24 hours, you can pay for premium message with PayPal.  If your pet's life is in danger, go to the vet immediately! 

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